Studio7 is a full-service boutique creative agency that helps clients strategize, establish & maintain a strong web-presence, and to develop & execute effective marketing initiatives.

Our Services


We build beautiful websites with effective, modern design. Your site will look amazing across all devices, with performance to match. We'll always work with you to find the right platform, features, and price.


Your brand is your face to the world. Creating a powerful brand that effectively reflects and represents you and your business establishes a strong foundation for future growth and continued success.


Optimizing for SEO and analytics is a must in today's digital environment. Having these tools at your disposal will help you hone and develop an effective and successful digital marketing strategy.


From graphic design to copywriting, we will create the necessary content to fill your site. We'll even work with you to tailor your existing content to maximize impact in your target markets.

Recent Projects

Whitman Designs

Whitman Designs

Developed branding strategy, website, business cards, and all written copy for site.

One Four Media

OneFour Media

Expanded and refined branding strategy and redeveloped website to improve engagement with customers.

StoryHeights Montessori

StoryHeights Montessori

Developed modern and responsive website for a new montessori school, as well as custom art assets throughout the site.

Splash Page

Splash Page & Sign Up

Splash page for a startup with email signup form for interested users.

User Testing Portal

User Testing Portal

Testing portal for UX/UI testing for a startup. Platform facilitates sign-up, user tracking, and e-signature of an NDA.

Admin Dashboard Concept

Admin Dashboard Concept

Visual concept dashboard for administrative back-end product.

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